The largest offering in the Nixus product family designed for large-scale projects.
Solid metal structure tent for military gyms or hangars Nixus HUB

HUB is designed to meet the needs for temporary and permanent structures in various applications such as hangars, storage, service, production spaces, sports venues and more. The structure represents a series of large modular buildings based on beams made of anodized aluminum with grooves, into which PVC fabric is inserted, forming the roof and eventually the walls of the building. HUB is produced in widths from 10m to 30m, with an unlimited number of 3 – 6m long modules.

ISO containers can be integrated on the lateral sides and form a part of the interior space and stabilize the whole structure at the same time. Hangar doors can be placed on the front sides. Retractable gates for vehicles can be on all sides.

In real life