Our flagship high-pressure tent with patented angled beams for super-efficient use of inner space.
Rapid deploy high-pressure inflatable military tent - Nixus ERA

ERA is a modular high-pressure shelter with angled beams, offering enhanced interior space efficiency and versatility. Ideal for temporary accommodation, field hospitals, interventions, mobile health stations, mobile kitchen and more. Suitable for military, rescue, and fire brigade use. ERA shelters utilize heavy-duty seamless pneumatic tubes with a wide pressure range. Resistant to temperature fluctuations, requiring minimal pressure control. Designed to withstand extreme weather conditions, automatically reverting to shape if structure deforms. Combining the benefits of low-pressure and metal shelters, ERA is easy to transport and deploy.

Two construction versions available, offering heavy-duty or reduced weight options. Various outer fabric types and weights are also available. Packed in waterproof bags, with optional transport packaging. Installation and repair kit included.


Rapid deploy high-pressure inflatable military tent - Nixus ERA


Heavy duty tent with generous interior space able to withstand temperature fluctuations.

Lightweight high-pressure inflatable military tent - Nixus ERA-L


Lightweight, high-strength tent that excels in quick interventions by firefighters and rescuers, even in the most challenging weather conditions.

COLPRO decontamination tent - Nixus Era Exo


Mass decontamination tent with exoskeleton structure for easier cleaning.

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