Open new horizons of rapid response with our patented expandable container shelter.
Military container Nixus ECOS

Discover the power of ECOS, patented shelter that expands up to an impressive 300 sqm of roofed area. Its innovative container system revolutionizes rapid deployment in the aftermath of disasters, serving as a versatile solution for field hospitals, accommodation spaces, briefing halls, canteens, warehouses, command posts, and more.

The roof of ECOS shelter utilizes our advanced and patented system, featuring inflatable high-pressure beams that provide unbeatable strength and support the durable membrane roof. The heavy-duty PVC-coated floor ensures a safe and slip-resistant surface, while its perimeter acts as a reliable barrier against water or animals.

Customize your ECOS with a choice of PVC-coated fabric or light solid panels for the tilting frames, allowing for the inclusion of windows, evacuation doors, electrical installations, and even water distribution. Effortlessly transport essentials such as electric generators, air conditioning units, floor tiles, and furniture, all conveniently packed within the container as a single transport unit. With an estimated installation time of up to two hours for two trained individuals, the entire ECOS shelter complex can be up and running in no time, empowering you to swiftly respond to critical situations.

Perfect modularity enables seamless expansion by connecting additional units either at the back or by creating interconnected halls. Furthermore, it effortlessly integrates with our PRO shelters, forming a sophisticated and adaptable modular infrastructure. Container system ECOS offers endless possibilities, from creating spacious hangars for storing drones, helicopters, and armored vehicles to transforming into a cutting-edge soldier gym.

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