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NIXUS | FOLD – compact folding aluminum frame tent system

Patented compact tent system with foldable anodized aluminum frame, folds down small for easy transport and quick deployment. Widths from 4m to 6m and beam spacing of 2m to 3m allows two roof options: suspended (EXO) and covered (ENDO).


FOLD is a universal modular tent system, based on a compact aluminum folding-telescopic construction, made of black anodized aluminum profiles of the AW6060 T66 class. Unique compact design rolled into one unit up to 1.6 m has no loose parts which helps with the speedy set-up and reduces the risk of lost parts. It is easy to repair and replace parts on-site. The beam placement ensures the highest load capacity for snow and wind. Both roof types are compatible with one frame style which give the system maximum versatility in any application.


The EXO model is characterized by a folding structure, assembled into one unit, and a suspended tent, firmly stretched between the structure and the ground. We recommend attaching a sun visor to the top of the structure, which will hide the frame and at the same time create a shielded air layer to protect against sun or to increase the snow load resistance..


The ENDO model is a sibling of the EXO model, having the same folding frame, assembled into one unit. The roof is attached to the top of the structure, which gives the tent as a whole significantly higher resistance to snow. Therefore, we recommend this model as the winter version of the EXO model, while it is possible to use an identical frame.
ENDO tents are available in same sizes and modifications as EXO.

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