About us

Sheltering the brave. Protecting the vulnerable.

NIXUS is a reliable partner in the field of manufacturing innovative and reliable tents for the armed forces and rescue services. The mother company of NIXUS called Zepelin was started in 1996 in Trencin, Slovakia as a manufacturer of inflatable structures and techtextile applications. Since 2016, when we decided to create the NIXUS brand, we have gone through a difficult path of growth, innovation and obtaining several international patents that move us forward.

Our first ambitious step into the world of military tents was to create high-pressure tents that would meet the highest standards of quality and reliability for our clients. Today, however, we are proud to have created much more. Reality has shown that we have something to offer to clients who prefer tents with a solid frame and also to clients who are supporters of collapsible containers. The common feature of all our products from the moment they are drawn is that we do not want to make any compromises.

Our ambition is to become a highly respected brand, the first choice for clients who value the combination of innovation, reliability and design. Our mission is simple – to provide you with solutions that exceed your expectations and ensure your safety and comfort at every moment.

To achieve this ambition, we invest not only in technical development, but also in expanding our team with qualified people in both technical and commercial departments. We believe that a strong team is the key to our successful future and we will continue on the path of innovation and continuous improvement of our products so that we can provide you with the best that the market has to offer.

With 8000 square meters of manufacturing space, more than 100 employees, and a number of external specialists and consultants, NIXUS is one of the very few innovators in the industry and we are able to provide custom solutions for virtually every need, as armed forces and first responders from 4 continents can attest.