Rapid Deployment shelters for collective protection made as a system of tents, or a combination of tents with a technological container. Resistant to most known substances, equipped with effective filter ventilation and decontamination, they are suitable for professional use in the most difficult conditions.
The NIXUS models used for ColPro shelters are mainly the high-pressure inflatable tent ERA and the aluminum folding frame tent FOLD. The backbone of the system hidden inside is an internal anti-chemical barrier, connected to a multi-stage airlock, pressurized in cascade by a powerful filter-ventilation unit. The internal air conditioning is provided by a parallel split unit. An obvious part of the system is a forward-mounted decontamination module and space for the disposal of chemical clothing and gas masks, together with monitoring of the internal environment.
Rapid deploy heavy duty high-pressure inflatable military tent Nixus PRO


Extremely reliable heavy-duty shelter for the harshest weather conditions.

COLPRO decontamination tent - Nixus Era Exo


Mass decontamination tent with exoskeleton structure for easier cleaning.

COLPRO decontamination metal frame tent Nixus FOLD-ENDO


Rapid deployment shelter with patented one-piece folding frame system.