Extremely reliable heavy-duty shelter for the harshest weather conditions.
Rapid deploy heavy duty high-pressure inflatable military tent Nixus PRO

Experience the unbeatable reliability of PRO, a heavy-duty high-pressure inflatable shelter system designed to conquer any weather conditions. PRO is a modular, rapid deployable shelter. The structure is reinforced by longitudinal horizontal tubes or aluminum purlins on the top of the roof. The shelter can be equipped with a sun visor, inner liner, porch, additional floor and many other accessories. This versatile shelter is suitable for a wide range of applications, from general use to long-term deployments such as decontamination units, base camps, field hospitals, accommodations, and refugee camps.

Specifically engineered for extreme weather conditions, PRO stands strong against nature’s toughest challenges. The tough structure of PRO shelters is made of heavy duty seamless pneumatic tubes of 6’ (150 mm) diameter, working pressure in tubes may vary between 4-8 bar (60 – 120 psi). The minimum (collapse) pressure is 1.5 bar, while the safety valves are set to 8 bar. With such a wide pressure range, PRO shelters are the first choice for application in the harshest conditions from extreme cold areas to the desert and tropical heats. High pressure tubes of 6’ diameter and a way they are connected to the canopy make the PRO shelter the most resistant inflatable structure to the strong wind and snow load in its category.


Rapid deploy heavy duty high-pressure inflatable military tent Nixus PRO


Tent with reinforced structure suitable for any type of extreme weather conditions.

High-pressure container roofing system - Nixus PRO ISO


High-pressure container roofing system – two rows of ISO containers with a roof spanning the space.

High-pressure military tent Nixus PRO-X with central module


The X-system is a variable system allowing the connection of PRO tents via the PRO-X central module.

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