Extremely strong multi-tube technology for inflatable hangars.
Rapid deploy high-pressure military tent Nixus RIBS

Experience the innovative RIBS technology, a high-pressure inflatable hall featuring the patented multi-tube system. This structure system is built with multiple heavy-duty seamless pneumatic tubes, providing exceptional strength and resistance to unpredictable weather conditions once inflated. Its flexibility allows for easy installation and compact transportation. With its superior load resistance, the multi-tube RIBS system stands as the safest inflatable technology in the market. Even in the case of an air leak in one tube, the remaining tubes maintain the structure’s shape without risking collapse.

The high-pressure pneumatic system is securely fixed to the heavy-duty roof, inflated using an air compressor, and conveniently packed into segments for effortless handling. The structure is further reinforced by longitudinal horizontal tubes on the roof.

In real life