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PRO – Modular high pressure inflatable shelter

Modular high pressure inflatable shelter system for general or long term use (decontamination unit, base camp, field
hospital, refugee camp ..).
Its tough structure is made of heavy duty seamless pneumatic tubes of 6’’ diameter, working pressure in tubes is 3-8 bar(45 – 120 psi).
The minimum (collapse) pressure is 1.5 bar, while the safety valves are set to 10 bar.

nixus pro high pressure foldable tent for army and rescue

With such a wide pressure range PRO tents are the first choice for application in the harshest conditions from extreme cold areas to the desert and tropical heats.
High pressure tubes of 6“ diameter and a way of their connection to the canopy are making PRO tents the most resistant inflatable structure to the strong wind and show load in their category.
The general advantage of high pressure tents in comparison to low pressure solutions is their resistance to temperature fluctuations. There is no necessity of permanent pressure control or air refill. Recommended interval of internal pressure check is once a week.
The canopy of PRO tent is made of opaque 1000D polyester fabric, both sides PVC coated, well waterproof, fire retardant, suitable to very low temperatures of -50°C, with an optional IR membrane. NIXUS standard is a bicolor mode with grey color inside and olive green or sand color outside.
Each tent is packed in a strong PVC waterproof bag, with an option of additional transport packing in aluminium or Clip-Lok boxes. The set of installation and repair kit is in a scope of the delivery.

3 types are available:
SI (straight inflatable) type in 2 size modules (5,1m and 6,1m) in various length variants
ST (straight solid) type in 2 size modules (5,1m and 6,1m) in various length variants
X (cross) type in 2 sizes corresponding to S types as interconnection modules

Pro model Width Length Height
NX-PRO-51-40 5,1 m 16' 9'' 4,0 m 13' 5''' 2,8 m 9' 3''
NX-PRO-51-60 5,1 m 16' 9'' 6,0 m 19' 7'' 2,8 m 9' 3''
NX-PRO-51-80 5,1 m 16' 9'' 8,0 m 26' 2'' 2,8 m 9' 3''
NX-PRO-51-100 5,1 m 16' 9'' 9,9 m 32' 6'' 2,8 m 9' 3''
NX-PRO-61-60 6,1 m 20' 0'' 6,0 m 19' 7'' 3,3 m 10' 9''
NX-PRO-61-80 6,1 m 20' 0'' 8,0 m 26' 2'' 3,3 m 10' 9''
NX-PRO-61-100 6,1 m 20' 0'' 9,9 m 32' 6'' 3,3 m 10' 9''
NX-PRO-61-119 6,1 m 20' 0'' 11,9 m 38' 8'' 3,3 m 10' 9''
NX-PRO-X-51-51 5,1 m 16' 9'' 5,1 m 16' 9'' 3,6 m 11' 7''
NX-PRO-X-61-61 6,1 m 20' 0'' 6,1 m 20' 0'' 4,3 m 14' 1''
nixus pro features

① portfolio of optional camouflage, thermal, infrared
② free choice of optional solid or inflatable beams
③ portfolio of optional hygienic or insulation liners

④ 3 layer wimdows
⑤ antislippery pvc floor
⑥ 500D or 1000D HF welded PVC canopy
③ portfolio of optional hygienic or insulation liners

⑦ temperature funstions resistant high pressure inflatable beams



NIXUS | PRO SI uses horizontal high pressure inflatable beams as tensioning elements. At the same time it may work as a spacer
and holder for sun shade cover.


NIXUS | PRO ST uses aluminium struts as tensioning elements. It is installed from inside after inflation of tent


NIXUS | PRO SH uses a combination of high pressure inflatable beams and aluminium struts as tensioning elements


NIXUS / PRO X (cross) is corresponding with all  S models as an interconnection element.

Extreme wind resistant

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