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RPH – Rescue path

RPH is an emergency walkway made of durable PVC dropstitch fabric, suitable for rescue on water, ice or mud.


RPH is a modular product, able to be interconnected to create a long path, or to use it separately as floating platform.
Thanks to the rigidity of pressurized dropstitch fabric, it is very stable, not bending.
The top of the path is equipped with antislippery EVA foam.
Corner handles for easier manipulation and perimeter ropes are the standard part of each unit.
Same as RBT boat, RPH path is an optimum solution for combined water and ice rescue, well suitable to the muddy terrain too.
RPH is normally available in one standard size, contact us for your customized model.

RBH Width "X" Length "Y" Height "Z" Weight
rescue path 1,37 m 4' 6'' 5,1 m 16' 9'' 0,16 m 0' 6'' 28,5 kg 63 lbs

① automatic pressure control system
① antislippery EVA foam surface
② connection D-rings
③ carry handles
④ safety ropes
⑤ fast inflation from one point


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