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RBT – Rescue boat

Product for rescue on water and ice. RBT is an inflatable boat made of rigid PVC fabric with flat bottom made of inflatable dropstitch fabric.


RBT is a product for professional rescue, where the buoyancy is created by tube, inflated around the perimeter of flat bottom, made of heavy duty dropstitch fabric. For more safety there are three independent air chambers.
Openings, created between inflatable tubes and the bottom in the front and back part of the boat are allowing persons to easy enter the boat from water. The strong rope is placed around whole perimeter of boat too.
Detachable sledge blades are helping to move the boat on ice.
An engine may be attached to the boat too.

RBT Width "X" Length "Y" Height "Z" Weight
rescue boat 1,27 m 4' 2'' 4,9 m 16' 0'' 0,72 m 2' 4'' 20 kg 44 lbs

① open ends
② safety ropes
③ strong dropstitch bottom
④ three chamber system
⑤ optional detachable sledge blades


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