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RBD – Rescue board

RBD is kind of SUP board made of high durable, antislippery TPU fabric.


RBD is an easy to use and extremely useful tool mainly for beach guards, but its small packed size is allowing professional rescue teams to add it into their inventory too. An inflation takes just a minute.
There is a set of strong handles placed on both sides of the board, helping people to catch the board.
The board may be personalized by colors and design.

RBD Width "X" Length "Y" Height "Z" Weight
rescue board 0,75 m 2' 5'' 3,2 m 10' 6'' 0,16 m 0' 6'' 6 kg 13 lbs

① antislippery TPU dropstitch fabric
② direction fin
③ safety handles
④ fast inflation


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