Nixus RIBS

New type of inflatable beams will be presented at the DSEI show by ZEPELIN, Ltd, an engineering and production company from Slovakia.
RIBS (Rigid Inflatable Beam Structure) is patented structure system, used for the biggest models of NIXUS shelters. As announced by producer, it is combining advantages of rigidity of solid structure halls with installation and transportation flexibility of inflatable halls.

Based on multiplication of high pressure tubes,RIBS is able to withstand much higher load than other known inflatable beams of similar size parameters. With 4 bar of nominal internal air pressure this inflatable structure is independent of temperature fluctuations in virtually any geographic location.

With its characteristics RIBS is going to be an ideal solution for big inflatable halls or UAV hangars.
„Our goal is to develop strong and stable inflatable structures of 18m (60ft) beam span“, Juraj Brezan, CEO of ZEPELIN, Ltd, said. This might become a reality later in 2018.
At the moment RIBS is well proven for structures of up to 12m span – inflatable halls NIXUS

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